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Carla Subirana


Mozambique conquers Malaga

Press - Kanimambo
“Three perspectives on Mozambique, three personal visions, three different stories. It’s is Kanimambo, the feature film that is half documentary, half fiction, which will open on Monday presented in the official section of the Malaga Film Festival and which is run by Abtelafif Hwidar, Carla Subirana and Adán Aliaga.

The three filmmakers still feel the impact of what they have experienced in that poor country economically but rich in other values. Hence the title of the film, Kanimambo, which means thank you.

Thus, Carla Subirana went with the aim of finding Magdalena, a young Mozambican woman she met on her first trip and who for the Catalan filmmaker became the essence of the African woman, the heroine of her little film. “Was a kind of debt that I had with her because she wrote to me and told me that she had had a daughter to whom she had named Carla, a girl who finally passed away victim of AIDS,” explained Subirana who, unable to find traces of Magdalena, fixed her attention on other women who are also heroines of the everyday”.