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Carla Subirana


I’m Carla Subirana and I love diving into the origin of ideas. Mine and yours. Cradling the creative processes and accompanying them, giving them the time they need. I give creative workshops focused on finding the Rosetta stone, the thing that will unite all the pieces of the puzzle, that idea that made your eyes shine. And, above all, I love walking through worlds.


If you find yourself in a comfort zone, where it is neither hot nor cold, get out of there and venture into the forest of ideas and, if necessary, get lost. And when you stray too far from the path, come back to the starting point, to the first idea, to what made your eyes shine. Start over again.  Every time you go out to the forest, to the darkness of the night, you’ll come home with a new idea, a landscape, an image, or with the certainty that that was not the path.