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Carla Subirana

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©Anna Molins
©Anna Molins

My first contact with the world of cinema came through my grandmother Leonor, a cleaner at the Alexandra Cinema in Barcelona. In my childhood I spent many afternoons with her, doing somersaults in the cinema and sneaking into the stalls to watch the films. There, in the darkness of a cinema, I discovered a new world that offered me the chance to travel, to dream, to be someone else.


My debut feature was SWIMMING (2008), a documentary film with which I undertook a journey towards family memory in search of a ghost in a family of women. My second feature film, FLYING (2012), made history by being the first documentary filmed inside a military academy, which allowed me to delve into a world completely unknown to the public. That is precisely what CINEMA is for me: a search and an exploration, and each film is a new experience full of treasures to discover.

I have more than 10 years of academic experience as a teacher, which has led me to understand that the most important thing in a project is its soul along with being clear about what we want to tell about ourselves.


At the same time, I have designed the creative accompaniment experience “Walk your idea”, and “The Seed” workshops in which I share my experience with women who also feel the impulse and the need to delve deeper into the origin of their ideas.


At the age of 50, I premiered SICA (2023), my first fiction feature film, at the Berlinale. I am a founding member of the Dones Visuals association because I believe in the idea that only together will women find our place in the film industry and in the world.