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Carla Subirana


Premiere at Festival de Sevilla SEFF 2012
Nominated Premis Gaudí
HD, Color, Stereo
Spain, 84 min
Pandora cinema y Zentropa Spain I TVE I UPF – BSM

Life at the academy, military training and their squared norms. The new young military barracks promotion San Javier, Murcia, captures the look of sober Subirana camera, attached to the skin and the gestures of the recruits as they prepare to fly. Looking closely, as one, who later will only be numbers and indistinguishable faces, embarked on strategic missions, Nadar director judges the thoughts of those who choose the life of service to the country in these times stateless. And in between, a truce. The times when we boarded the plane with (and) future pilots, flying free mind and feelings emerge in which machines are trained to be soldiers.

“Fictions tend to dramatize military life, FLYING, de-dramatizes it and close to normal. Essential and necessary documentary”.

Núria Vidal – Frames.

“Flying is one of the most fascinating documentaries shot in recent times”.

Carlos Losilla – Caimán cuadernos de cine..


Directed by

Carla Subirana

Produced by

Pandora Cinema S.L.
Zentropa Int. Spain SL | TVE

Executive producers

Carla Subirana, MªÁngeles Hernández and David Matamoros

Line producer

MªÁngeles Hernández

Script editor

Carla Subirana


Julián Elizalde (A.E.C) and Carles Gusi (A.E.C)


Manel Barriere Figueroa

Distribution company

Pandora Cinema

Delegated Producer

Jordi Balló – IDEC – UPF

Editing Assistant

Rubén Margalló


Cristina Arisó


Amanda Villavieja

Sound design

Alejandra Molina

Sound mixing

Fernando Novillo

Assistant Director

Tiago Espanha/ Abel García Roure

Poster design

United fakes – Albert Marcet


Fassman – Lluís Castells