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Carla Subirana


Directed by Adán Aliaga, Abdelatif Hwidar, Carla Subirana
Chapter MADALENA by Carla Subirana, 33 min.
Premiere at Festival de Málaga
HD, Color, Stereo
Spain, 94 min.
Eddie Saeta I Hispanocine
Spanish distributor: Splendor Films

The director will travel to Mozambique in search of Madalena, the protagonist in her film and the essence of the Mozambique woman, whom she met on a first research journey.

“Subirana admirably mingles the still image of her photographs, her own voiceover and the disarming truth transmitted by those frank, beautiful faces she meets with over the course of her search, which is gradually transformed with those subtle details that her camera captures in a poetic and accurate portrait of the country”.

David Garrido BazánCulturamas.

Julia Gabriel Mamganhele (Julia)
Fátima Mucavel (Fátima)
Isabel Nhassengo (Isabel)
Mateo Iscar (Mateo)
Elvira Prado (Voz en Off / Voice over)

Directed by

Adán Aliaga (“JOANA”)
Abdelatif Hwidar (“CUSTODIAN”)
Carla Subirana (“MADALENA”)

Screenplay by

Carla Subirana
Abdelatif Hwidar
Adán Aliaga

Produced by

Luis Miñarro
Sergio Castellote


Anna Molins


Cristóbal Fernández


Daniel Fontrodona
Amanda Villavieja

Sound design

Alejandro Castillo

Sound mixing

Ricard Casals

Assistant Director

Abel García Roure