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Carla Subirana


Premiere at Festival de Sevilla 2016
HD, Color, Stereo
Spain, 9 min.
Produced by Carla Subirana
Short fiction with Núria Guiu

ATMA is a warrior who, after losing a battle, appears in the woods, almost dead. Forgotten by her army, she decides to shed the armor that has protected her body and set out on the path that will take her to the final surrender, to victory.

Between story and performance, Carla Subirana illustrates a metaphor of empowerment through a wounded fighter who, after removing her armor, comes back to life and takes control of her body.

The Warrior’s Awakening

“Subirana now reappears with this short that reinvents her, that places her on the trigger as if sha was starting all over again. This ability to restart or temporarily change a trajectory must be counted, then, among the skills of current Spanish cinema”.

Carlos Losilla – Caimán cuadernos de Cine.


Directed by

Carla Subirana

Screenplay by

Carla Subirana

Produced by

Carla Subirana

Line producer

Mar Ximenis


Anna Molins

Art director

Josep Roca


Manel Barriere Figueroa

Head of costume

Nidia Tusal

Makeup and hair

Anna Ríos

Making of

Carlota Serarols


Federico Delpero Béjar


Ravi Ramoneda


Amanda Villavieja

Sound design

Alejandra Molina

Sound mixing

Fernando Novillo

Graphic Design

Núria Sordé


Núria Guiu